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Middle School & High School Students!!!

Refuge Youth meets every Wednesday night from 6:00 until 8:00 pm! See Bro. Taylor or Sis. Samantha for more information.

Bro. Trey and Sis. Jennifer Kolmetz work as Youth helpers, and they are such an integral part! Good things are in store!!!

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Our mission for our youth at Refuge Youth Ministries is to teach, reach, equip, and deploy young people into their world with the knowledge of who Jesus is, what He has done for them, and who they are in Christ and to be a light in the darkness. By teaching the word where it is understood and applicable to them, we strive to create confidence in our student’s knowledge of the Bible so they may stand firm in their beliefs.

We also host a summer youth conference...Summerfuge. One visit can be life changing! 

We are all about creating a totally judgement free space where it’s possible to ask hard questions, connect with great people, have fun, and meet God in real ways. Bro. Taylor and Sis. Samantha Hammack invite you to check us out!


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