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What to expect on your first visit...

Currently, we are under construction due to the damage incurred by Hurricane Michael in October 2018. It has taken us several years of red tape...but we are finally working. We are trusting and worshipping God through it all. So, we ask that you bear with us as we put our church back together and get all of our ministries up and running. This is a great time to become a part of Refuge, since we are on the verge of a tremendous work for the Kingdom of God! 

When you arrive on Sunday morning~

You may enter through the front doors of our beautiful newly completed foyer,

where you will be greeted by wonderful, loving, regular folks!

They can answer any questions you may have. Our restrooms are located

in our foyer, as well as our nursery.

For now, our children (ages 3 through 5th grade) are gathered at the Ministry House, located

behind our main building, for Sunday school and Kidfuge Kids Church. If you have children in

this age group, you might want to come a few minutes early so you can check them in there.

You will find wonderful and caring people who teach and provide for the needs of our children. They are offered a snack and participate in fun activities and lessons to teach them about Jesus and His plan for them. We have security people watching over our children as well. (We are in the process of building a state-of-the-art educational facility and we can't wait for it be complete. Our children will be checked in and kept secure in this area of the church which is connected to our sanctuary.)

Morning Worship~

Currently, the middle and high school students meet along with the adults on Sunday morning at 10:30 in the sanctuary for our morning worship service. We sing and worship the Lord to begin our service. You may see people lifting their hands, smiling, and even crying as they worship our Savior! Then, as the Holy Spirit leads, you will hear the preaching of the word. We close our service with an opportunity to respond to the word.  When our educational facility is completed, our morning services will begin a little earlier and we will have classes for all ages first, and then gather in the sanctuary for our worship service.


What to wear~

We don't have a "dress code" at Refuge. We want you to be comfortable. (Our only request is "modesty".)

Check it out~

You can watch some of the sermons by our Pastor on our YouTube channel or on our Media page. These are 

usually edited and include just the message of the morning, but you will see that we are just plain folks loving Jesus!

We can't wait to meet you! Hope to see you soon!!

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