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RefugeWomen is the Women's Ministry of Refuge. This group meets regularly for Bible study and fellowship. The women of Refuge are also great supporters of Missions. Another arm of our Women's Ministry is the A-Team that meets most Monday mornings and is led by Sis. Barbara Gilbertson. Sis. Debbie Davis and the women of Refuge love to minister to the needs of women today. All ladies are invited and welcome!

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Refuge Men is the Men's Ministry of Refuge. Bro. Joey Williams and the men get together and enjoy the Word, fellowship and food! They are an integral part of Refuge and we look forward to all that is ahead. All men are welcome and invited to be part of this group!


R Gen is the 55 and under adult generation of Refuge. This group is led by Bro. Brandon and Sis. Linda Curtis and meets monthly for fellowship as they 'do life' together. If you are an adult aged 55 or younger, you are welcome to be a part!

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