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Our History

Refuge Full Gospel Church met for the first time on December 1, 2002 in the former "DUI" building in the St. Andrews area of Bay County, Florida.  A group of believers who needed a home felt the calling to create a new work. Pastor Danny and Sis. Debbie Davis also felt that call and the urgency for this work. Pastor Danny and Sis. Debbie lived in South Mississippi, maintaining their full time jobs for the next four and a half years, and drove to Panama City each weekend to minister before moving to Florida in 2007. In Spring 2008, the Refuge Full Gospel Church congregation became a part of the Assemblies of God Fellowship and the name was changed to Refuge Assembly of God. The congregation also moved to its current location in the City of Parker. 

Refuge has been a light to the Parker community since that time. There have been some challenges with Hurricane Michael and the COVID Pandemic, but God is blessing and the congregation knows there is a mission to accomplish! We welcome everyone and pray they will experience God in every service!

On December 1, 2022, Refuge turned 20 years old!

The video below will give you more insights about our journey so far.

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